A little magic

30I’m feeling literally giddy. The excitement is sky-high. Why, you ask? Because because because becaaaaause…. I get to check off another location off my bucket list, in fact a bunch of them. There are some places I have really really wanted to see since quite some time. Eastern Europe was very high on the list. And guess who’s going next week?? Continue reading


Missing in action


I have been playing hooky. I have not been true to this blog. When I started this blog, I was convinced I will be consistent. I told myself, if there is anything that trumps quality content for me, it is consistency. But here I am, painfully aware while penning this, that it has been a month, maybe more, since my last blog post.

Yet I will not apologize. Because this is my happy place. If I haven’t visited my happy place in a while, it’s a bigger disservice to myself than anyone else. I know no one is judging me. But maybe a part of me is judging me. Consistency? Bah! Continue reading

Karachi Farmer’s Market


There is something undeniably romantic about a Farmer’s Market. It’s raw and wholesome. Each person behind the cart selling their wares, putting their best foot forward. But it’s a little more than that. The seller is also selling a story, when they shoot across that charming smile to tempt you to buy what they offer. They are baring a part of themselves for you. If you try and look with your mind’s eye, you will read their story.

But it’s not just the people behind the cart who are vulnerable and open to your interpretation of them. Visitors to the Market itself are adding to the canvas in their Continue reading

Coffee & Love

20.pngIf we were having coffee I would tell you that I like the way you’ve done your hair today and it’s so good to be able to sit with you peacefully at last. I crave ‘Me-time’ nowadays, especially since my day just flashes past following a one-year old around the house and being careful that he is not swallowing mud. I find myself in bed at night, staring at the ceiling with husband to the right and baby to the left, utterly grateful for them both but also very happy to be alone with my thoughts for the first time in the day. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide for Travelling with a Baby

My elder sister lives in Houston. When my baby was five months I did something insane. I went to visit her. Since my husband had work, I went without him. I had planned to do so since a very long time. Thought, ‘hey, I’m not working or anything… why not travel a thousand miles alone with baby to visit my sister and solely take care of my little one for a whole month… without travel insurance?’ Yes, five month old baby. Yes, I’m nuts. And yes it was a crazy decision. So, don’t do it. I love my sister to bits and it was awesome to see her and her babies AND my younger sister Continue reading

It’s Kind of a ‘Bag Deal’

Style is something that is innate. Some people seem to ooze it from every pore. For others, a lot of effort goes into it and still you come out looking like a cross between a 80s’ pop star and a crystal chandelier. Unless you have a lot of personality to recommend yourself with, you are doomed. The situation is further exacerbated when you pop a kid and you have no clothes, no shoes, nothing that fits, no item of clothing that would count as socially acceptable even during one of those early pediatricians visits (when you MUST step out of the house). Clothes-wise I WASN’T prepared. Well, if you ask my siblings, I seldom am. Continue reading