A little magic

30I’m feeling literally giddy. The excitement is sky-high. Why, you ask? Because because because becaaaaause…. I get to check off another location off my bucket list, in fact a bunch of them. There are some places I have really really wanted to see since quite some time. Eastern Europe was very high on the list. And guess who’s going next week?? Continue reading


Karachi Farmer’s Market


There is something undeniably romantic about a Farmer’s Market. It’s raw and wholesome. Each person behind the cart selling their wares, putting their best foot forward. But it’s a little more than that. The seller is also selling a story, when they shoot across that charming smile to tempt you to buy what they offer. They are baring a part of themselves for you. If you try and look with your mind’s eye, you will read their story.

But it’s not just the people behind the cart who are vulnerable and open to your interpretation of them. Visitors to the Market itself are adding to the canvas in their Continue reading

It’s not your fault, mommy

25A couple of weeks ago we (me, my husband and toddler) joined some friends for Sunday breakfast. This is a couple with three boys aged six, four and three. The eatery had a play area where the four boys had a merry time before food was served. After breakfast, however, when the boys had some egg and French toast in their system, a spat broke between the elder two siblings. Hot words led to a fist fight and it ended as such squabbles always do- tears. Continue reading

My Happy Place

I need to unwind. I need a life. I must listen to the sound of silence. I need to relax with a cup of tea. I need to put my feet up for just five minutes with no sense of responsibility. No worry about baby needing attention, to be fed, changed, clothed, kept from dispersing fistfuls of mud all over the living room floor. I need to take a shower, the kind where I get to scrub the soles of my feet not the kindly-get-the-grime-off-quickly type. Please somebody give me that. I need an adult conversation. I need to go visit a bookstore or a library and pick up books on a whim, and Continue reading

Coffee & Love

20.pngIf we were having coffee I would tell you that I like the way you’ve done your hair today and it’s so good to be able to sit with you peacefully at last. I crave ‘Me-time’ nowadays, especially since my day just flashes past following a one-year old around the house and being careful that he is not swallowing mud. I find myself in bed at night, staring at the ceiling with husband to the right and baby to the left, utterly grateful for them both but also very happy to be alone with my thoughts for the first time in the day. Continue reading

When Inspiration Strikes

19There is something I want to write about writing itself. It feels so strange. At times it all just flows, like sand in an hourglass. Your thoughts, feelings, ideas literally pour out from a place inside you through your fingertips and it all just makes sense. The process is at times totally independent of your capability as a writer. Letters form words and words form sentences and it feels like the mind is not even thinking or articulating these sentences. It’s happening on its own. Continue reading

One Perfect Child


“There is only one perfect child in the world, and every mother has it.”

My baby is the accumulation of everything that is beautiful in this world. He is the sun, the moon, the diamonds in the sky, the chirping birds, the glorious rainbow, the crystal cool water of the lake, the unique beauty of each blooming flower, the smell of musk, the gush of the waterfall, the majesty of the mountains, the depth of the ocean, the speed of the panther, the grace of the gazelle, the shades of the sunset… Continue reading