23Two days ago my one year old fell off his highchair onto the marble floor. At least three feet. Three whole feet. I had put him in for a minute without strapping him. I feel awful. He landed on his head and face and THANK GOD there is minimum possible damage, a tiny bruise under his right eye. I was close enough to break his fall, somewhat. I have never heard him cry like that. I was right next to him and it is due to my negligence that this happened. Try as I may I can’t get the image of the fall out of my head. Even though I am desperately grateful he is fine.

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Plants have feelings too

When she was very young, my mother used to talk to plants. She would deny it now but I have confirmed from many a credible source. My husband has a green thumb and every spring gets into a petunia-marigold competition with the neighbors. Who doesn’t love greenery around them? My mother-in-law has a vegetable garden on the roof where spinach is thriving next to radishes in discarded bathtubs. Continue reading

The Weight of Judgment


My baby is a late teether. He cut his first tooth when he was ten-months old, on the last day of our trip to South Africa. The other one followed two weeks later. He is a year and two weeks now but still no sign of the other teeth. Which means no biting his food. Which means he eats soft, mashed food. Which means limited food options and hence more work for yours truly. Also, sleepless nights when all he wants is comfort nursing. Result? Backache in the morning. Continue reading

Coffee & Love

20.pngIf we were having coffee I would tell you that I like the way you’ve done your hair today and it’s so good to be able to sit with you peacefully at last. I crave ‘Me-time’ nowadays, especially since my day just flashes past following a one-year old around the house and being careful that he is not swallowing mud. I find myself in bed at night, staring at the ceiling with husband to the right and baby to the left, utterly grateful for them both but also very happy to be alone with my thoughts for the first time in the day. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide for Travelling with a Baby

My elder sister lives in Houston. When my baby was five months I did something insane. I went to visit her. Since my husband had work, I went without him. I had planned to do so since a very long time. Thought, ‘hey, I’m not working or anything… why not travel a thousand miles alone with baby to visit my sister and solely take care of my little one for a whole month… without travel insurance?’ Yes, five month old baby. Yes, I’m nuts. And yes it was a crazy decision. So, don’t do it. I love my sister to bits and it was awesome to see her and her babies AND my younger sister Continue reading

When Inspiration Strikes

19There is something I want to write about writing itself. It feels so strange. At times it all just flows, like sand in an hourglass. Your thoughts, feelings, ideas literally pour out from a place inside you through your fingertips and it all just makes sense. The process is at times totally independent of your capability as a writer. Letters form words and words form sentences and it feels like the mind is not even thinking or articulating these sentences. It’s happening on its own. Continue reading

One Perfect Child


“There is only one perfect child in the world, and every mother has it.”

My baby is the accumulation of everything that is beautiful in this world. He is the sun, the moon, the diamonds in the sky, the chirping birds, the glorious rainbow, the crystal cool water of the lake, the unique beauty of each blooming flower, the smell of musk, the gush of the waterfall, the majesty of the mountains, the depth of the ocean, the speed of the panther, the grace of the gazelle, the shades of the sunset… Continue reading